How To Give Great Head

January 15th, 2010

So you want to know how to give great head. You want to learn how to give the best head to your guy. You want to find out how to give an orgasm he’ll never forget.

So exactly, how do you give the best head?

What is the best way to give a guy head?

How do you give him the best head he’ll ever have?

I Give The Best Head

November 27th, 2009

Yep….I found out how to give a guy the best head.

Ok, I don’t go around shouting it but I sure know how to give great head. I drive my man crazy in bed with what I learned (and what a change it’s made to our relationship). And for me, I’m no longer worried he’ll look elsewhere. I was worried about that. But not any more.

I devoted time into finding out how to give the best head job. And that’s why I’ve written this, because if you’re worried like I was, or you just want to give the best head possible to your guy, then I’m glad to have you visit my site.

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How To Give Him The Best Head He’ll Ever Have

November 22nd, 2009

So you know that your guy loves fellatio but do you really know how to give him the best head? I’ll be honest. I didn’t know if I was “doing it right”. He said he enjoyed it but I wanted to make sure I was giving him the best head possible! And so I read everything I could on the best way to give a guy head.

I read loads of  stuff. Most of it was the same. And most of it was rubbish. Just stuff people had put on the net for their own reasons which didn’t help at all.

 It was then I came across this guide which was the most comprehensive thing I’d seen. And it’s written by a guy… I guess he should know what he’s talking about!

It’s called “Blow by Blow” (great title eh!). If this sounds a bit like a review, then so be it. But I can’t think of a better way to let you know how to learn. And it sure worked for me!

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Ok, so while there are many interesting sections in this book including health and safety, diagrams and anatomy, shaving and waxing and visual stimulation, the REAL heart of the book (and the best bit) is in the techniques section.

The book contains 15 techniques in total, which range from the obvious, all the way to techniques I’d never heard of before! And if you’ve ever wanted to know how to deep throat or ever felt too scared to try, you’ll appreciate this in the advanced techniques section, although it would have been nice if it went into a little more detail.

Also, I really enjoyed the section on “building anticipation” which helps men have a more powerful and satisfying orgasm. And it was good to see that the trouble with “getting it up” was talked about too!

However, probably the best thing about the book was that the locations, positions and new sensations sections really helps inspire you to come up with your own ideas and ways to spice up fellatio and keep it exciting, ­ because it’s almost always the same.

So were there any down points? Well, I found many of the other sections a little boring. I mean, some were interesting, like the health and safety, but I often found myself sneaking a peak at the techniques section before coming back and reading it again properly.

Nevertheless, I still think Blow by Blow is a must read for women. If you suspect that your man’s not enjoying oral pleasure much, or you’re new to all this or a little scared, or even if you just want to give him an out of this world experience, then this book is perfect for you! It sure gets my vote (and my man’s!!!)

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Give The Best Head

November 12th, 2009

So finally, how to give the best head, to your husband or guy, is something you probably don’t really want to ask too many people about. Well who would?  I know I didn’t. But it was something I did want to know. And I found out how.

And now you can learn everything I did!

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Maria xxx